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We are open for all five daily prayers. Please see prayer schedules for details. In winter Jummah prayer is 12:30pm and in summer Jummah prayer is at 1:30pm

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The British Columbia Muslim Association (BCMA), Kelowna Branch is a non-profit organization of Muslims dedicated to worship, educate and service the community in Kelowna area. BCMA Kelowna branch is also known as Masjid As-Salam.
Kelowna masjid is open for all five daily prayers. We also have Jumuah (Friday) prayers, Taraweeh prayers, Eid prayers, and Janazah (Funeral) prayers, Dawah (Outreach) programs, Distribution of Zakah and Fitrah to the needy.

“Muslim Culture” is often used to represent various Muslim cultural groups which include: the Middle Eastern, European, American, African and Asian Muslims, with each having their own set of traditions and customs. Some of these traditions and customs are motivated more by the culture than the actual religion. These diverse expressions associated with one faith often makes a question associated with “protocol” a very complex issue.

An Introduction To The Muslim Culture

Regardless, a few aspects of this culture and religion is accepted by all Muslim. An example of this is the belief in the Holy Scriptures, Oneness of God, along with all the Prophets that range from Adam onto Muhammed without any discrimination, the Judgment Day and so forth.

When speaking of culture, some of the commonalities will include an expectation to strive towards a balance between responsibilities of their Creator along with fellow man, giving to charity, along with a focus on how to balance public and personal life.

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Muslim Prayer


Kelowna is nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains with a view of several lakes, gardens and forests, fro the heart of the city. Kelowna is one of the most popular places to visit in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. Spread around the Okanagan Lake, Kelowna offers visitors with a wide number of activities and adventure sports to enjoy. Kelowna is also located close to the Big White Ski Resort which is a favorable destination for avid skiers. For the active types there are many hiking trails that are well used in the area, and others that are more remote but worth the walk.

The Okanagan Lake, a popular destination in Kelowna, for a variety of activities like boating, swimming, kayaking, and whatever water sports you can think of, is great to visit in the summer months. The lake boasts several beaches like Gyro Beach and the Hidden Beach. These appear all around the lakes and give visitors plenty of good spots to wade into the water from. The city also features some excellent gardens and parks where visitors can spend a serene time relaxing and having fun. For those interested in learning about the history and heritage of the area should visit the Okanagan Heritage Museum. If you require specific products or services then you are in luck because Kelowna has almost everything. Good Local Chiropractors, dentists, tailors and more are easy to find.

Kelowna is the commercial center of the Okanagan region and offers a great shopping experience. There are numerous shopping centers and malls dotted across the city. The best places to shop in Kelowna include Bernard Avenue, Downtown, Pandosy Street, Orchard Park Shopping Centre, etc.

Nearby Airports

Kelowna is served by the Kelowna International Airport. From the airport visitors can take taxis or car rentals to reach their destination in the city. There are also shuttles and buses connecting the airport to the city.

Halal Restaurants

There is only one halal restaurant in Kelowna; Amir’s Market which also sells halal meat. It is just 5 minutes away from the Kelowna Mosque and offers Indian, Malay and Chinese cuisine.


There is only one mosque in Kelowna, the Masjid As-Salaam. The mosque is also known as the Kelowna Islamic Centre.